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TRIUMPH THUNDERBIRD 1700 LT / COMMANDER 'CANNONS' 3" slip on silencers (Pair)


Hand made and polished in house from T304 Stainless Steel.

These are original downward slash cut, Hi Flow silencers designed and made for the Triumph Thunderbird 1700 LT / Commander..

The pipes are made with an additional collar to the front face of the pipe facilitating the refitting of the original heat shields..

3" Diameter, approx 33" LONG.

3" Diameter, approx 19" SHORT.

Fitted with a removable internal baffle (packable) reducing unwanted back pressure and harmonic reverberation.

The result is good performance with or without a remap and a really deep toned exhaust note at a comfortable volume.

These silencers' designed and constructed to give very good quality pipes with the tone and volume just right for pleasureable riding whether long distance or short runs to the local show..

Definitely an attention seeker with or without the baffles..

These pipes are premanufactured and polished to order..